It is the small details like beautiful color, the beauty of the design, or hand-finishing that make people fall in love with various clothing brands. Little or no attention is directed to the workers in the fashion industry who dedicate their skills and time to produce amazing brands. Special thanks should go to the workers in these companies who devote their skills and effort to ensure that their products appeal to millions of people across the globe.

The Ethical Fashion Report provides an overview of practices of some of the famous brands. The report is sponsored by the International Aid and Tearfund. The Baptist World Aid researchers conducted a survey on how well the fashion brands know their workers and how well do they treat them. The report also explored the relationship between the treatment of the workers and ending the exploitation of workers and poverty around the world.

The report ranks New Zealand fashion brands on an overall grade on the basis of workers empowerment, company policies and their impact on the workforce, awareness of their suppliers and processes, and provision for improvement. The New Zealand fashion brands scored an average grade of B- in 2017 survey while their international rivals scored a median grade of C+. The top ranking companies in this report are:

  • Kowtow: A
  • Liminal Apparel: A
  • Karen Walker: B+
  • Kathmandu: B+
  • AS Colour: B-
  • Glassons: B-
  • Macpac: B-

Apparently, New Zealand companies featured as the most ethical fashion brands. Kowtow made it to the top as the New Zealand’s leading brand and among the 13 brands that received A grade internationally out of the 106 companies surveyed. The New Zealand brands have made considerable improvement in ensuring that they uphold high ethical standards and protect the rights of their workers. The report also set a precedence for companies to improve their policies in relations to workers exploitation and poverty elimination.