New Zealand clothing brands are leading in ethical fashion world according to report by Ethical Fashion. The report explored the efforts of the fashions companies in ensuring that the rights of workers and working conditions are maintained at acceptable levels and humane standards.

Grading was done of over 300 global and domestic fashion brands and 109 clothing companies clustered from A to F. The domestic New Zealand clothing brands posted an impressive average score of B- compared to the global brands that scored a mean of C-. The aspects considered in the grading of the fashion companies were worker improvement, policies, supplier auditing, and knowing suppliers.

The policies of the clothing brands in New Zealand seem to favor ethical working conditions and protecting of workers’ rights. Risk of worker exploitation is a major policy issue and it affects the grading of how ethical the clothing brands are. Over 80 percent of the New Zealand clothing brands have a code of practice that meets the requirements of the International Labour Organization fundamental principles and rights at work place. The New Zealand companies tend to promote working conditions that address health concerns of the workers and protect them from harm.

It is notable that while these companies scored high grades in knowing suppliers and company policies, they scored poorly in worker empowerment. Mechanism of addressing the grievances of the workers is yet to be effective in about 50% of the clothing companies. Pressing ethical concerns in the clothing companies are the implementation of child labor laws in most companies. A paltry 24% of the clothing companies have policies that address child labor laws. Presently, the ethical issues that surround the New Zealand clothing companies are few, and they can improve on the highlighted areas. Most of these clothing brands are demonstrating the willingness to promote ethical practice.