You may not have heard of many of these companies which are gaining recognition for their contribution to an ethical and eco-friendly economy, by providing ethical products and services in New Zealand which reflect these values.

Green Elephant “Your Sustainable Marketplace”

Green Elephant’s founder was so impressed with the vast range of skincare, clothes cleaning products which were available from sustainable, healthy and ethical kiwi providers that they created a marketplace to make it easier for everyone to find them.

Pouch Products: NZ made reusable bags

Pouch Products is a New Zealand company who are dedicated to helping make New Zealand as sustainable as possible, by developing their range of reusable eco-friendly shopping pouches, hand-crafted out of locally-sourced, keeping the carbon footprint to a minimum.

New Zealand Trees Please! Tree Gifts

Trees Please! Is New Zealand’s original tree gift company, delivering sapling gifts for two decades. Their charming gift trees come boxed in stunning pine packaging, created from New Zealand pine which has been grown sustainably.

SKYCITY Entertainment Group

SKYCITY is an ethical and responsible member of the New Zealand communities in which it operates. SKYCITY has made refining and improving their goal, and take pride in transparently reporting on the fulfilment of their social responsibilities. Their policies are founded on the 5 pillars of excellence, which they list to be;

  • responsible gambling
  • community development and involvement
  • human rights and ethical labour practices
  • the environment, and
  • fair operating practices.


This company’s goal is to find New Zealand business which are dedicated to providing sustainable and ethical services and bring information about them to the public, for easy access.

Sustainability Trust

This company’s aim is to provide information, products and services related to sustainable energy savings for homeowners. The company also invests in community programmes aimed at spreading awareness about sustainable energy consumption.