Almost every Company no matter whether in New Zealand or other parts of the world know that they must abide by proper ethics. Not all of them do but there are many that realize that proper ethics in the business world can help lead a company to success.

One such Company that can be used as an excellent example of this is the Company that has just been awarded in 2017 as the World’s Most Ethical Company. This is Voya Financial and what makes this even more impressive is that this business is in the Fortune 500 category. This really provides proof that the practice of good business ethics can certainly pay off.

This business has practised good business ethics right across the board. They have not just made this applicable to their end base which is the end user of their product. Proper ethics are applied to the management and treatment of their employees, interactions with their investors and stakeholders and of course their consumer base. This is a well-rounded company that has taken on the responsibility of business ethics wholeheartedly and their actions have shown to the world that a business that does this can rise to the level of being a fortune 500 business.

While Voya is in the financial industry there are other industries that put a great deal of emphasis on their business ethics like the gaming industry and specifically quality casinos that are under the control of ethical companies like SkyCity Entertainment. This is of the utmost importance because of the type of business that Casinos operate. Not only must there be a level of trust developed by the client base, those that enjoy this type of entertainment want to patronize Casino establishments that have made it known that they view business ethics as being a top priority.